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What if Japan Black becomes a problem?

{ 20 maart, 2018 }

Chemical solution for the refining industry

Japan Black 3

Japan Black, also known as Coal Tar, has become standard for protecting iron and steel from rust.  And no wonder: it has high bitumen content, quick drying time and a low price tag. Japan Black has the reputation of being a powerful, non-removable varnish. But what if suddenly the complete removal of that varnish layer is crucial for the operation of a refinery?

Search for a tailor made chemical solution

The inside of pipelines used by refineries all over the world is often coated with Japan Black prior to shipping. It’s a widespread practice; it’s incredibly important to protect metals from seawater during transport. Especially when they’re exposed to these wet, salty conditions for a journey that can takes weeks.

But what if Japan Black peels off? Several refineries knocked on our door. They discovered that sections for Japan Black would peel off while grinding the pipelines. The fear was that these clumps of varnish could be trapped inside their systems, causing blockages and major damage to their machines and refining systems. They needed a reliable solution that would eliminate the problem.

The obvious approach was to completely remove the Coal Tar from the water pipes. But since the varnish dries incredibly hard – it’s actually baked onto the inside of the pipes – it’s almost impossible to remove it completely. Almost…


Targeted chemical cleaning product developed by experts

Project managers and engineers of different refineries contacted WVT Industries. They even sent a section of their water pipe for us to examine. We analysed the Japan Black and the water pipe, and started developing a chemical cleaner that would remove the varnish completely.

We had a solution within just a few weeks: ‘Periodic Deep Cleaner’ a targeted cleaning product developed specially to leave pipes free from Japan Black and as clean as a whistle. We also kept the solution as simple as possible: a straightforward procedure that the refineries were guided through by a specialised company. The result? Perfectly clean pipes. And no need to worry about the varnish causing any future issues. The simple, easy, convenient solution they were looking for.

WVT delivered 40.000 litres of our made-to-measure cleaning product to an international refinery company. In fact, they were so happy with it, they ordered another 25,000 litres for use at a different site. Are you dealing with a specific problem that requires a chemical solution? Would you like to know whether it’s possible to improve an existing process? Contact WVT today. We love a challenge.

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