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{ 9 april, 2018 }

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WVT Industries is op zoek naar een enthousiaste productiemedewerker die graag de handen uit de mouwen steekt.

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How efficient generic products solve the challenges of shipcleaning

{ 5 april, 2018 }


Fuel and coal, oil tanks and engine rooms: they’re hardly the picture of cleanliness. But Maritime Shipcleaning Rotterdam (MSR) is committed to removing the filth, grit and grime. And they want to do this using cleaning products that are efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.


Travelling anywhere in northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands and north Germany, MSR have made a name for themselves in the ship-cleaning industry. The challenges they face? Anything from responding to on-deck oil spills to cleaning bulk cargo holds and preparing them to carry products such as wheat or grain.

‘The challenges we face are incredibly complex,’ explains Ton Van De Waardt, CEO of MSR. ‘Which is why we wanted to work with a partner with extensive knowledge of chemical problem solvers and cleaning products, as well as a laboratory of their own in which to create and test solutions they made for us. WVT looked at the work we do and quick began tailoring cleaning products to our specific needs.’

They responded with a tailor-made product: there’s no risk of damage to engine-room materials, it’s very effective and it’s completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.”

Ton van de Waardt,
CEO Maritime Shipcleaning Rotterdam

A generic cleaning product for easier and environmentally friendly degreasing

One of the major challenges MSR faces is tank cleaning. They contacted WVT in need of a generic cleaning product that would quickly and effectively loosen and break up the grime and deposits left by fuel and oils. WVT responded with the ‘S160’.

‘The S160 is exactly what we needed. It’s effective, efficient and prevents the components from mixing afterwards. This makes it easier and cheaper to process the waste, and makes the oil suitable for reuse,’ says Ton Van De Waardt. ‘At MSR, we want to avoid using any products that are potentially dangerous to people or the environment. And thanks to WVT, our degreaser meets all requirements for safety and environmental friendliness.’


Search for powerful alternative that cleans without damaging metals

The problems of tank cleaning are completely different to the ones MSR faces in engine rooms: they want to guarantee their clients there will be no damage to aluminium, stainless steel and other materials.

‘We explained our dilemma to WVT,’ says Ton Van De Waardt. ‘They responded with a tailor-made product: ‘SC155’. There’s no risk of damage to engine-room materials, it’s very effective and it’s completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This is a huge benefit for us when we process the waste.’


Environmentally friendly ship-cleaning products under a private label

The S160 and the SC155 are produced specifically for MSR. They order them under a private label. Ton Van De Waardt is especially pleased about the added value it creates for the company image. ‘We radiate professionalism: we have our own products with our own logo and own labels,’ he says. This gives us the opportunity to highlight the environmentally friendly of the products – something our clients are always happy to hear about – while ensuring they always associate us with effective cleaning.’


Chemical problem solving through knowledge and an innovative approach

MSR is greatly appreciative of the quick response they received from WVT. But this isn’t all. Ton Van De Waardt: ‘We were recently asked to clean and decontaminate a ship that had been transporting household waste. We asked WVT for a cleaning product to solve the problem; within a few hours, they had studied the problem, developed and delivered a generic cleaning product. It cleaned and disinfected the ship so effectively it could have served as a hospital. This is the kind of proactive and innovative approach that we truly appreciate.’


Do you need a chemical problem solver for a complex issue you’re facing? Are you looking to release cleaning products under your own private label? Maybe you would like to investigate the possibility of effective, environmentally friendly solutions. Contact WVT today. We love a challenge.

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