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Do you have Ash in waste-oil? We can offer you the perfect solution

{ 25 juni, 2018 }

Why let ash and contaminants hold you back when there is a simple and effective solution available? WVT Industries has formulated Ash Decon to eliminate ash and turn waste into product.

The strong acidity, low corrosivity and exceptional performance of Ash Decon make it even more effective than Sulphuric acid, by reducing the presence of ash in oil. Tests with a variety of customers has demonstrated that in a single step, Ash Decon will reduce concentrations from 5.0% to just 0.1%, while removing, water, sediments and ash that contain metals. It ensures that waste-oil will change into product that meets MARPOL standards.

Tests have demonstrated that at ambient temperatures and up to a maximum of 95°C, Ash Decon outperforms other products and descaling agents, with a significantly improved results after as little as eight minutes. Additionally, Ash Decon has a low oxygen demand with minimal foaming, making it easy to combine with WVT’s Demulsifier products.

The acidity of Ash Decon is comparable to that of Sulphuric acid, however its corrosiveness with Stainless Steel is 35 times lower, extending the life time of your installation and reducing maintenance time. Ash Decon , is a stable chemical with a low toxicity and performs with great efficiency . Contact WVT Industries to know more about Ash Decon.

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Any information supplied on Ash Decon is provided in good faith and is intended for guidance only and can never give rise to liability or consequential damage from third parties.. 

WVT does not provide any guarantee on the suitability of Ash Decon for any material with which it may come into contact.  

We strongly recommend that end users examine the product and conduct their own testing to determine the suitability and compatibility of Ash Decon with other components in the mixture and with the construction material of the equipment. 

WVT technical laboratories can provide assistance to check material compatibilities.

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