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WVT: formulator of ash reduction solutions for waste oil streams

{ 30 januari, 2020 }

In the effort to minimise pollution of the oceans and waterways every ship must collect residues and oily mixtures generated during its ocean travels and discharge them to so-called port reception facilities, as indicated in the Marpol 73/78 protocol. These PRC facilities will recycle and regenerate the waste oil into second hand combustion fuels.

During this recycling process, the focus is on reducing the water and ash content in the waste oil. This is important because if the limitations for ash and organic chloride concentration are exceeded, the oil is less attractive for use as a fuel. WVT Industries responds with solutions that reduce effectively both ash content and organic chloride concentration.

Re-use of waste oil and lubricants

As crude oil and clean lubricants are becoming less available, efforts are being made to re-use waste oil and used lubricants as a second generation fuel.

During application, and especially after cleaning actions, oil and lubricants become polluted with water, heavy metals and halogens. If they remain untreated, these polluted flows will not only have a detrimental impact on the lifetime of the burner, but will also result in pollutants in the flue gases of the burner.

This is where WVT steps in. Instead of disposing of these flows as hazardous waste, they are treated to reduce both water and ash content, and allow re-use as a combustion fuel.

As the regulations regarding air-quality during industrial fuel oil burning are becoming more stringent, the need for low ash, high quality fuel oils becomes ever greater. This creates economic opportunities for the marketing of recycled oil.

Practical testing

As the composition of different flows of waste oil may vary, it is paramount to test for the most effective treatment that results in the lowest residual concentration for water, ash and halogens.

This is why WVT Industries has not only developed a range of treatment products, but also invested in laboratory solutions in order to be able to vary in both the use of products as in treatment conditions.

Examples of test results


In the first example a waste oil from the marine sector has been tested. Analysis made on the sample indicated increased concentrations of ash and more in detail potassium, calcium, aluminium and silica.

The test results can be seen as follows:

The test results indicate that a pure demulsifier (treatment 1) is insufficient for the reduction of the ashes, but a combination of an ash reduction aid and a demulsifier has resulted in waste concentrations low enough to comply with the limitations for both the total ash, as well as for the different metal components separately.


In this sample the total chloride concentration exceeded by far the maximum allowed limitation. Presence of chlorides in the waste oil in the burner will be converted into hydrochloric acid, with a strong corrosive impact on the installation.

In the above graph it can be seen that the first treatment has an impact on the inorganic chloride, but almost no effect on the organic chloride concentration. A different product (treatment 2) not only has a good effect on the organic chloride concentration, but the effects on the inorganic chlorides are even better than treatment 1, resulting in a very good total chloride removal.

Available from WVT

At WVT Industries, we supply different demulsifiers, ash reduction aids and combination products. But we also offer support with lab tests and technical know-how, so that together we can streamline the recycling process of waste oils, achieving the lowest concentrations for water and ash.

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Starterspakket Handcleaner Unico

{ 8 januari, 2020 }

Iedereen kent het; na een dagje hard werken, klussen of sleutelen zijn uw handen erg vies. Verf, olie en vetten inclusief ander hardnekkig vuil krijgt u met gewone zeep niet van uw handen.

Onze industriële handzeep UNICO is de oplossing. Door de microkorrels in de zeep schrobt u het vuil eenvoudig en snel van uw handen. Breng op vochtige handen aan, was uw handen uitvoerig met zeep en spoel vervolgens weer af met water. Efficiënt tegen vuil en erg mild voor uw handen. Bovendien zorgt het parfumextract voor een heerlijke, frisse geur.




(*) Aanbieding geldig tot en met 29/02/2020 of zolang de voorraad strekt.

Handzeep Unico is een unieke professionele oplosmiddelvrije handreiniger voor het verwijderen van middelzware tot zware industriële vervuilingen in de automotive, bouw- en metaalverwerkende industrie.


Handzeep Unico starterspakket is geformuleerd op basis van hoogwaardige ingrediënten, is zeer huidvriendelijk en bevat terugvettende en huidverzorgende componenten.

Verwijdert zeer zware vervuilingen zoals olie, vet, remvloeistof, smeermiddelen, roest en andere courante vervuilingen.


  • Terugvettend op de huid.


  • Zeer effectieve handreiniger
  • Oplosmiddelvrij en pH neutraal
  • Met natuurlijke korrel (walnotenkorrel)
  • Bijzonder huidvriendelijk


Wrijf handzeep Unico starterspakket in handen tot het vuil loskomt met water en spoel na met water.


  • Niet van toepassing


  • Dispenser + 2×4 Ltrs

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