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WVT Industries and Innovis join forces to accelerate growth in the cleaning chemicals and disinfectant industry

{ 8 mei, 2020 }

WVT Industries, a fast-growing company specializing in research, development, production and sales of industrial cleaning and disinfectant products, announces the acquisition of Innovis, a leading Brussels-based supplier of cleaning and disinfectant products distributed under the well-known ‘DIPP Professional’ brand to the professional kitchen and food wholesale segment.  Both companies, WVT Industries and Innovis, are active in the cleaning and disinfectant industry which is currently at the heart of contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

With this transaction, WVT Industries confirms its previously announced intention to grow focused and more quickly by expanding geographically and strengthening its presence in complementary market segments. This transaction has been completed with the support of Sofindev, WVT Industries’ financial and strategic partner.

Since its creation in 2007, Innovis has become the reference in the supply of high quality hygiene products to the small to medium professional kitchens, with a leading market position in Belgium and a growing market presence in France and the Netherlands.  Innovis’ main end-customers are food specialist retailers like bakeries, butchers, snack bars, hotels and restaurants,.. and to a lesser extent industrial customers in the automotive, construction and maritime sectors.  Innovis was able to achieve this unique market position, thanks to its portfolio of high-quality products, its intense marketing-driven approach and its strong customer intimacy.

Ward Van Thielen, managing director and founder of WVT Industries::

This acquisition is perfectly in line with WVT Industries’ growth strategy and ambition to become a leading European player in cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, by further expanding our range and internationalizing our business. Innovis is a fast-growing company that focuses on quality products & customer intimacy, which is fully in line with our vision. With the acquisition of Innovis, we strengthen our presence in another niche market. The complementarity between WVT Industries and Innovis is strong, as well as the common values and growth ambitions we share. We are very pleased to join forces with Tom and his Innovis team, and combining the best of both companies. Innovis is the second acquisition of WVT Industries in 18 months, after the acquisition of the Dutch company StarMarine Chemicals, and the first acquisition since Sofindev’s investment in WVT Industries in May 2019. This acquisition is also perfectly in line with our strategy to achieve a healthy balance between organic and acquisitive growth.

Tom Hochepied, co-shareholder and managing director of Innovis::

“I am excited to conclude this partnership because of the great complementarity between both companies as well as the growth opportunities and synergies that will be generated from this combination. We take this opportunity to join the WVT Industries platform and are convinced that we have found the right partner to help us achieve our strong growth ambitions in our market. This evolution allows Innovis to further focus on product quality, innovation and customer service, while relying on the strong expertise and experience of WVT Industries.”  

Jan Camerlynck, Partner Sofindev:

“The Sofindev team is very proud of what we have achieved together with Ward Van Thielen and the WVT Team over the past year in terms of transformation and growth. We would also like to thank Tom Hochepied and the shareholders of Innovis for entrusting WVT Industries as the new home for Innovis and we welcome them as shareholder of WVT Group. This is a great step in our ambitious development plan and we look forward to further supporting WVT Industries and Innovis’ journey towards growth.”

About WVT Industries

WVT Industries was formed in 1997 by Ward Van Thielen and quickly grew into a leading player in the European industrial cleaning and disinfectant market.

WVT Industries’ customer portfolio consists mainly of European companies from various industry sectors: from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to the automotive sector, aviation, metal industry, marine, waste processing and transport. WVT Industries offers its customers an extensive range of safe and ecologically (environmentally) responsible industrial cleaning and disinfectant agents.

In 2018, WVT Industries completed its first acquisition by acquiring the Dutch company StarMarine Chemicals. StarMarine Chemicals has 35 years of expertise in marine cleaning chemicals, water treatment, tank cleaning agents and other products for the maritime industry.

About WVT Industries:, and


About Sofindev:

Sofindev is an established player in the Benelux private equity market, investing in small and medium sized companies since 1991, with the objective to drive growth and professionalism and the mission to be the preferred partner of ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams.

WVT Industries is the most recent and last investment of Sofindev IV. Other investments are Fedrus International (production and trade of specialty building materials for roof and façade), Geodynamics (fleet management and time registration software for mobile workers), Novy (cooker hoods), Group Claes (specialty wholesaler to the food retail and food processing sectors), Companyweb (online business and credit information provider) and Mabo-Lifting (specialised forklifts). Sofindev IV sold its participation in House of Talents (HR services for shortage occupations) in February 2019.

At the end of 2019, Sofindev closed a new fund, Sofindev V, backed by the same investors as the previous Sofindev IV fund, including the founders of Sofindev (Sofina and the Colruyt family through Korys) and a limited number of new investors. The Sofindev V fund has a fund size of 170 MEUR for platform investments in the Benelux.

About Sofindev:

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Hexa-Cover: dé flexibele afdekking voor al uw vloeistoffen

{ 31 mei, 2018 }

Vloeistoffen dekt u beter af met Hexa-cover, de oplossing die 25 jaar meegaat en op alle vormen past. Want als vloeistoffen onbedekt blijven, kunnen ze geurhinder veroorzaken en dat is onaangenaam voor wie in de buurt werkt of woont. Uv-stralen kunnen ook de groei bevorderen van ongewenste micro-organismen in het water. Bij verdamping van waardevolle vloeistoffen, gaat zelfs een deel van uw bedrijfskapitaal verloren. Bestel Hexa-Cover nu bij WVT-industries, exclusieve verdeler in de Benelux.

Hexa-Cover: onderhoudsvrij, duurzaam en altijd passend

Stilstaand water kan onaangenaam ruiken, en onbehandeld en onbedekt staat het bloot aan uv-stralen die bacteriën, algen en schimmels veroorzaken. Door de vloeistof te bedekken, gaat u stank, verdamping en de ontwikkeling van micro-organismen tegen. Bij WVT vindt u Hexa-Cover, een voordelige cover die op elk oppervlak past, jarenlang meegaat en geen onderhoud vraagt. Géén goedkope regenhoes die met één windvlaag al stukgaat, ook geen drijfzeil op maat met een serieus prijskaartje aan. Hexa-Cover bestaat uit robuuste, drijvende zeshoekige platen die vloeistoffen volledig bedekken.

Flexibele en voordelige vloeistofafdekking

Hexa-Cover is 25 tot 50% goedkoper dan een op maat gemaakt drijfzeil. Bovendien gaat de afdekking 25 jaar mee en is er geen onderhoud nodig. Kunt u nog aan de vloeistof als Hexa-Cover erop ligt? Natuurlijk, de elementen bewegen soepel mee zodat u makkelijk slangen of buizen plaatst in het reservoir om er vloeistoffen in te laten lopen of uit te pompen. Daalt of zakt het vloeistofniveau? Dan voegt u gewoon extra platen toe of u haalt er weg. De elementen sluiten naadloos op elkaar aan dankzij de unieke 6-hoekige vorm. Zo reduceert Hexa-Cover:

  • 96% van de geuren,
  • 96% van de emissies en
  • 95% van de verdamping.

Hexa-Cover werkt ook prima met O-Scent van WVT Industries, een gamma krachtige ontgeurders.

Milieuvriendelijke cover voor vloeistoffen

Hexa-Cover is gemaakt van gerecycled polypropeen, zonder gebruik van schadelijke stoffen. Het materiaal is milieuvriendelijk, en behoudt de kwaliteit en eigenschappen van de vloeistoffen eronder. U gebruikt het dus voor alle toepassingen. Voor olie en proceswater in de industrie, en voor mest-, opvang en slibtanks in de landbouw.

Bestel Hexa-Cover nu bij WVT Industries

WVT Industries biedt Hexa-Cover in 2 formaten. U krijgt helder advies over welk formaat de beste oplossing biedt. De levering van Hexa-Cover gebeurt in bigbags. Neem voor informatie of een bestelling contact op via of 03 870 70 90, en pols bij uw bestelling zeker naar de combinatie met de geurneutralisators van O-Scent.

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How efficient generic products solve the challenges of shipcleaning

{ 5 april, 2018 }


Fuel and coal, oil tanks and engine rooms: they’re hardly the picture of cleanliness. But Maritime Shipcleaning Rotterdam (MSR) is committed to removing the filth, grit and grime. And they want to do this using cleaning products that are efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.


Travelling anywhere in northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands and north Germany, MSR have made a name for themselves in the ship-cleaning industry. The challenges they face? Anything from responding to on-deck oil spills to cleaning bulk cargo holds and preparing them to carry products such as wheat or grain.

‘The challenges we face are incredibly complex,’ explains Ton Van De Waardt, CEO of MSR. ‘Which is why we wanted to work with a partner with extensive knowledge of chemical problem solvers and cleaning products, as well as a laboratory of their own in which to create and test solutions they made for us. WVT looked at the work we do and quick began tailoring cleaning products to our specific needs.’

They responded with a tailor-made product: there’s no risk of damage to engine-room materials, it’s very effective and it’s completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.”

Ton van de Waardt,
CEO Maritime Shipcleaning Rotterdam

A generic cleaning product for easier and environmentally friendly degreasing

One of the major challenges MSR faces is tank cleaning. They contacted WVT in need of a generic cleaning product that would quickly and effectively loosen and break up the grime and deposits left by fuel and oils. WVT responded with the ‘S160’.

‘The S160 is exactly what we needed. It’s effective, efficient and prevents the components from mixing afterwards. This makes it easier and cheaper to process the waste, and makes the oil suitable for reuse,’ says Ton Van De Waardt. ‘At MSR, we want to avoid using any products that are potentially dangerous to people or the environment. And thanks to WVT, our degreaser meets all requirements for safety and environmental friendliness.’


Search for powerful alternative that cleans without damaging metals

The problems of tank cleaning are completely different to the ones MSR faces in engine rooms: they want to guarantee their clients there will be no damage to aluminium, stainless steel and other materials.

‘We explained our dilemma to WVT,’ says Ton Van De Waardt. ‘They responded with a tailor-made product: ‘SC155’. There’s no risk of damage to engine-room materials, it’s very effective and it’s completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This is a huge benefit for us when we process the waste.’


Environmentally friendly ship-cleaning products under a private label

The S160 and the SC155 are produced specifically for MSR. They order them under a private label. Ton Van De Waardt is especially pleased about the added value it creates for the company image. ‘We radiate professionalism: we have our own products with our own logo and own labels,’ he says. This gives us the opportunity to highlight the environmentally friendly of the products – something our clients are always happy to hear about – while ensuring they always associate us with effective cleaning.’


Chemical problem solving through knowledge and an innovative approach

MSR is greatly appreciative of the quick response they received from WVT. But this isn’t all. Ton Van De Waardt: ‘We were recently asked to clean and decontaminate a ship that had been transporting household waste. We asked WVT for a cleaning product to solve the problem; within a few hours, they had studied the problem, developed and delivered a generic cleaning product. It cleaned and disinfected the ship so effectively it could have served as a hospital. This is the kind of proactive and innovative approach that we truly appreciate.’


Do you need a chemical problem solver for a complex issue you’re facing? Are you looking to release cleaning products under your own private label? Maybe you would like to investigate the possibility of effective, environmentally friendly solutions. Contact WVT today. We love a challenge.

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What if Japan Black becomes a problem?

{ 20 maart, 2018 }

Chemical solution for the refining industry

Japan Black 3

Japan Black, also known as Coal Tar, has become standard for protecting iron and steel from rust.  And no wonder: it has high bitumen content, quick drying time and a low price tag. Japan Black has the reputation of being a powerful, non-removable varnish. But what if suddenly the complete removal of that varnish layer is crucial for the operation of a refinery?

Search for a tailor made chemical solution

The inside of pipelines used by refineries all over the world is often coated with Japan Black prior to shipping. It’s a widespread practice; it’s incredibly important to protect metals from seawater during transport. Especially when they’re exposed to these wet, salty conditions for a journey that can takes weeks.

But what if Japan Black peels off? Several refineries knocked on our door. They discovered that sections for Japan Black would peel off while grinding the pipelines. The fear was that these clumps of varnish could be trapped inside their systems, causing blockages and major damage to their machines and refining systems. They needed a reliable solution that would eliminate the problem.

The obvious approach was to completely remove the Coal Tar from the water pipes. But since the varnish dries incredibly hard – it’s actually baked onto the inside of the pipes – it’s almost impossible to remove it completely. Almost…


Targeted chemical cleaning product developed by experts

Project managers and engineers of different refineries contacted WVT Industries. They even sent a section of their water pipe for us to examine. We analysed the Japan Black and the water pipe, and started developing a chemical cleaner that would remove the varnish completely.

We had a solution within just a few weeks: ‘Periodic Deep Cleaner’ a targeted cleaning product developed specially to leave pipes free from Japan Black and as clean as a whistle. We also kept the solution as simple as possible: a straightforward procedure that the refineries were guided through by a specialised company. The result? Perfectly clean pipes. And no need to worry about the varnish causing any future issues. The simple, easy, convenient solution they were looking for.

WVT delivered 40.000 litres of our made-to-measure cleaning product to an international refinery company. In fact, they were so happy with it, they ordered another 25,000 litres for use at a different site. Are you dealing with a specific problem that requires a chemical solution? Would you like to know whether it’s possible to improve an existing process? Contact WVT today. We love a challenge.

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Discover how you can improve your chemical production or cleaning process and save costs

{ 12 februari, 2018 }

Companies and industries are more than ever looking for improved chemical products  for example  that perfectly comply with new and stricter environmental regulations. Or they are faced with unexpected pollution, odor nuisance or a specific problem in the production process. What’s also remarkable is that production managers today are proactively looking for cost-efficient alternatives. They want to discover if they can work with better cleaning chemicals than the ones they know now.

As a leading global company in the development of industrial cleaning chemicals, we receive more and more complex and challenging questions from our clients. Our in-house experts constantly develop and produce innovative solutions tailored to the customers requirements. Specifically for example demulsifiers, absorbents, odor neutralizers and so on. And we talk about industries such as oil and gas, water treatment, agro culture, construction, transport, etc. It’s always our goal to find the best solution and to make their company better.

For more than 25 years we’ve been solving the most complex problems concerning industrial cleaning and chemical products. So if you’re facing a specific problem that requires a chemical solution, Or if you would like to discover how you could improve your production or cleaning process and save costs? Do not hesitate to challenge us. Ask us your specific question so the team at WVT industries can create the best solution for you.


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