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An eco-friendly gas washing solution? Get to know Gaswash L-VOC Free!

{ 17 mei, 2019 }

There are certain gaseous components that may pollute your liquid or vapour stream. At this point the solution loses its effect, and environmental issues may arise. However, it is possible to remove these contaminants from your process stream. By using a gas washing technique, with the appropriate absorbing fluid, the process stream regains its initial power and performance.

Eco-friendly Gaswash L-VOC Free

One of the products added to improve the contaminant removal in the gas washing process is Gaswash L VOC Free. Our unique absorbing fluid removes non-polar organic matter, making it the perfect choice for capturing gaseous substances. At the same time, the product is perfectly applicable to liquid components.

Gaswash L VOC Free is thus perfectly suited for filtering out non-polar gases using gas washing installations. Since the gases are retained and Gaswash L VOC Free itself does not contain any VOC, the outflow following the gas washing process will no longer contain any non-polar VOC components.

The advantages of Gaswash L-VOC Free

Gaswash L-VOC Free is an excellent product when it comes to washing gasstream, eliminating hazardous non-polar contaminants. In addition, the product has some competitive advantages compared to other available products:

  • The product is a VOC-free formulation and has no hazard classification according to CLP. It is therefore safe to use, both for the user and the environment.
  • Gaswash L-VOC Free has a very high flash point (120 °C), which means there is only a small risk of fire when using this product.
  • The product does not release vapours or gases, so using a respiratory mask is not required.
  • Since Gaswash L-VOC Free is water-insoluble, it will not affect the function of an oil/water separator.

Gas washing with Gaswash L-VOC free: how does it work?

Gas washing does require some technical knowledge to determine the right scrubber and the most suitable absorption liquid.

There are a few things to keep in mind during this process:

  • Every pollution is a unique one. It is therefore crucial to thoroughly examine the polluted liquid in the first place. The absorption capacity and flow rate must be adjusted as such.
  • The contaminated liquid or vapour stream is guided through the gas scrubber. We recommend reducing the flow through the gas scrubber to a minimum. This maximises the contact time and will improve the elimination rate of the contaminants from the gas stream.
  • The absorption of gases can be perfectly monitored by measuring the VOC emissions after the washing process. This last check also gives a good indication of the solution’s saturation and when you need to replace it.
  • As long as the VOC remains low, your gas washing solution (such as our eco-friendly Gaswash L VOC Free) still has sufficient absorption capacity. If the VOC increases, the liquid becomes saturated and you need to replace it. This way the liquid can be used to its fullest extent and an early replacement can be avoided.

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